Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 New Year's Eve Resolutions

It's no big secret this year has been extremely hard for me. I'm not the same person anymore. I came down with tinnitus and the constant ringing in the middle of my brain is driving me insane, made all the more worse by the slightest amount of stress or ill-health. I can't think, I can't function, I've lost my ability to love all things the way I used to... I've become increasingly more judgemental and precious with my time. I used to suffer fools lightly, now not at all. I've turned from a relatively go lucky, brush it off, get back up on my feet swinging kinda guy, to being perpetually exhausted and depressed, and this just at a time in my life when finally, after all these years, I have a little bit of money to start my own business, something to call my own, without having to invest all my energy, time, inspiration and ideas into someone else's career goals just to keep my own head above water.

It's no fun trying to be a host or a master of ceremony when your pain threshold is so low, you feel like screaming most of the time. And the fact I'm at the The Aquarium every chance I get, lifting heavy things, crouching up and down, crawling around, getting the place ready, nobody really there to help me with the physical aspects of this project, making my situation worse, doesn't help things much either.

This year's been one step forward, two steps back... everybody cheering at the prospect of Obama, green jobs, etc... but they don't see it's just going to be more of the same unless there's major systemic changes, changes which don't come, because it's the same people in charge. They don't see green as a movement, they see it as a personal career oppportunity. Just another gimmick to latch onto. So when you propose strategy to bring the whole movement to another level, they pat you on the back, say you're doing a great job, and go off for a week to an all expense paid trip to the latest trendy eco-spa.

Meantime the planet isn't getting any better. Sure we got what we wanted, a green fashion industry, a green cosmetic industry... an organic food industry, an alternative energy industry... but when you look really closely, all of it is just in its infancy. The media talks about it a lot because it makes good copy, and celebrities get good tracking from it. But in the pie chart, it clocks at 3 or 4 percent, hardly enough to make a dent. Unless everything changes, nothing is going to change... the planet won't even notice.

We launched a green TV channel this year, Planet Green, except Discovery, in its grand corporate wisdom, paranoia and selfishness, left all the key elements (and players) involved with the green media revolution, at the gates begging for bread crumbs. They created a channel for people who don't watch TV, squandered their best assets... and caved in to Martha's Green Emeril, which looks and feels like a half hour Whole Foods infomercial. Take a cue from Olivia Munn, who with her brazen support of marijuana legalization, has more balls and comic genius than any of the Planet Green executives, and she's a lot hotter!

The best save the planet shows are still on the Science Channel, like Eco-Tech and Ecopolis, and if Discovery wasn't so lame at cross-fertilization, they'd get the Military channel involved. That's really the crux of the problem, right there. Without the military, the green movement has diddly squat! Because no matter how green we try to make this planet, war, hate will come along and trash every garden we try to plant.

So here's my top ten list of things to do to save the planet in 2009. You'll notice it doesn't read like what you'll find on Treehugger or any of the other so-called green blogs out there, that's because they see the world through the wrong end of the looking glass, young people who have never learned how to huddle and strategize. They can't find the Achille's Heel because they're not even looking for it. They think it's all going to be OK because they're working towards a better future. But it doesn't work that way, that's what gives us Hitler, Mao and Stalin, blind faith in the system.

There are key elements as to why the planet is in such dire straight, and global warming isn't on my top ten list. A degree here or there, melting ice caps and glaciers, that's just prepardness... moveable cities. You don't try to stop it, that's like the war on drugs, it's useless, and damaging to countries, entire cultures. Bob Geldof pretty much summed it up when he referred to solar and wind as Mickey Mouse. But he's a dork and he said it to favor nuclear power, that's because he's too uneducated to know where the real limitations and potentials are. This from a man who starred as the hero in Pink Floyd's The Wall. I guess he took "We don't need no education" literally! Freakin' moron, look at Africa today, worse than it's ever been, for just a few stupid reasons, not the least of which is the US controlled ban on industrial hemp!

You want to save the planet? I mean you really want to get to the root cause of the problem and yank out the disease? Follow-me, except I don't guarantee you'll survive it, because they kill people who know what I know, they get rid of them, sweep them under the carpet, so they can watch their precious Earth choke on their own excrement, justifying the trillions they spent on digging underground bases!

1 - Break the lock on MIT's licensing office suppression of solid state high density lithium ion battery chemistry. It's the one hurdle left standing in the way of long range electric cars and baseload power for solar and wind.

2 - Break the lock on GE's aerogel patent hording. Aerogel is known to produce the best substrate for batteries, capacitors, and a multitude of other energy saving applications. Aerogel is made from protein isolate. See number 6.

3 - Save the Tesla Motors company from itself, by forcing them to embrace the culture of their name sake, Nikola Tesla, stop preventing the best electric vehicle engineers in the world, all the National Electric Drag Racing Association team members, from participating in the evolution of their design! The Tesla is a great car, in spite of itself, but the folks who own and run the company are their own worse enemy... only focusing on marketing to the super wealthy, forgetting it's the "people" who are going to give their roadster its myth and legend.

4 - Pressure the US military, the Pentagon, the black budget and the Shadow Government to go public with their arsenal of UFOs, allowing the people of Earth to use suppressed energy physics to replace and retrofit the entire oil, coal and nuclear infrastructure this evil leadership kept in place to benefit the families of the Federal Bank Reserve. Don't trust anyone with the last name Rockefeller or Rothchild, or graduated Skull & Bones from Yale, because all they care about is the preservation of their dynasties. They are the evil killing this Earth!

5 - End nuclear power, now, at least in its present form, the most abject and dirtiest way to boil water. Someone once told me that to shut down Indian Point, you had to shut down the entire nuclear power industry, that "they", whoever "they" is, had it rigged that way. If there's one environmental battle this decade, it's the fight to shut down Indian Point, a cancer causing monstrosity, made all the more vile by 9/11 and Homeland Security. All these Union workers should be ashamed of themselves!

6 - Legalize industrial hemp, for fuel, for fiber, for protein isolate, for aerogel. Monsanto GMO corn is killing agriculture. Legal hemp will restore the land, feed billions, again, the same cabal of financiers keeping hemp illegal, are promoting nuclear power as the solution to everything. These are evil men.

7 - Demand Sandia Lab make public domain the engineering behind ethanol laser ignition systems which they developed in the late 70's and kept under lock and key ever since, because it provides 100% combustion inside an internal combustion engine, making petroleum products obsolete!

8 - Put pressure on modeling agencies to create green model divisions, because many girls are tired of selling crap to the masses, and need to take a shower from all the dirty money they're making. What Lola Wants, Lola Gets... Love and Desire makes the world go round.

9 - Put pressure on the large magazine publishers to stop paying lip service to the green revolution, by printing all their titles on recycled stock so we don't have to clear cut Siberia so Anna Wintour can keep her job! Wake up Hachette, since 2001 's been knocking at your door!

10 - Pray to God the aliens keep saving our bacon, which they've already done time and time again, and forgive the pathetic remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Anyway guys, have a happy... Mine will be miserable.

Friday, November 07, 2008

West Wind Story by Petros Koublis

Monday, September 22, 2008

Robbie & The Alien

Video with Daryl Hannah...

Singer Robbie Williams Claims He Was Visited By An Alien

September 10, 2008

Anne Lu - Celebrity News Service News Writer

London, England (BANG) - Robbie Williams says he was visited by an alien just after he'd written a song about extraterrestrial beings.

The "Angels" singer - who is fascinated by intergalactic beings and goes on UFO spotting camping trips - claims a strange light flew into the Los Angeles recording studio where he was working and then went back out again as he looked on in amazement.

He said: "I had just finished writing a song called 'Arizona,' which is about alien abduction, where there was this glow. It was magic."

Robbie is now planning to hire a jet-ski to search the sea off Malibu, where it has been claimed UFOs have landed.

Meanwhile, friends of the singer are said to be increasingly concerned about his mental state and the reclusive lifestyle he is living.

Robbie, 34, has apparently not left his Los Angeles mansion for the last 83 days, and has not performed live for two years.

The singer even failed to attend the recent MTV Video Music Awards which were held close to his home.

However, he did record a message which was broadcast at last Sunday's Soccer Aid charity event - which he set up and which aims to raise money for UNICEF - held at London's Wembley Stadium but he appeared tired and gaunt as he appealed for the charity.

A fan said: "He looked very unhealthy. Although he said he couldn't take part because of a knee injury, it seemed he'd lost his zest for life."

His British TV presenter friends Declan Donnelly and Ant McPartlin are said to be so concerned about his health they are sending him hampers packed with vitamin juice and other healthy snacks.

Thanks to Brian Clark Howard for this item

The Earth is Breathing

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden

The entire election is now going to hinge on whether you are pro or anti-nuke with Indian Point as the sacrificial lamb.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From: Startmotions

All the materials used in this short animated film are made from... trash. The ocean is made from broken glass and a plastic floaty chair!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympics Opening Ceremony: China Leads the LED Revolution!

If there's one feeling we can walk away with after witnessing the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing is that the Chinese rule the light emitting diode universe.

2008 drummers, celebrating China's spiritual Taoist, Confucianist and Buddhist traditions, filled the stadium with the rolls of thick red LED drum sticks!

Laid on the ground of the stadium was an LED screen 147 meters long and 22 meters wide with 44,000 embedded LED beads. LED beads were also embedded on the costumes of performers.

The majority of LED bulbs entering the US market are imported from China, as if GE, Philips and Sylvania were sleeping at the switch for the last ten years while the Chinese were planning their LED planetary invasion! These US and European companies lead in patents, but not in manufacture, which some accuse them of parking!

So it was a big surprise to me when I read that in fact, most of the LEDs used during last night's ceremony were made in all places, Morrisville, North Carolina by a company called CREE!

The Chinese might be building too many coal fired plants, but if their plans are to manufacture super-energy efficient appliances, and ultimately use the profits to install "clean" coal burning technology, they might have a longer view of green solutions than previously anticipated.

It seems as if many Chinese companies have been creating strong alliances with green start-ups in America which were not able to find financing at home, in such important energy fields as high efficiency lighting, batteries, electronics and automobiles.

The Chinese are quietly building MGs on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma. Rumors are circulating they may give Tesla Motors a run for its money. Chinese battery companies are buying car companies to herald a new generation of electric vehicles, which could easily save Beijing from its toxic level of air pollution.

If China can reduce the cost of such turn key technologies as solid-state batteries and lights, they are surely going to conquer the planet with a new wave of clean power generation.

Everyone knows that he who controls energy controls the economy, such has it been with the Rockefellers and the Federal Bank Reserve for over a century. There seems to be a changing of the guard as people of the Earth who have awakened to create energy more in tune with nature, are embracing LEDs, photovoltaics and the great promise of electric cars.

If there was one message that came out loud and clear last night for me as I sat down watching my TV, it's that the Chinese more than get it, they're itching to rule the green nest, with US-based green companies joining the dance, our own banks and government having failed them so miserably for so many years.

Might be that "Made in China" may not be such a bad thing after all, if the Chinese can get the lead out, and aim to brand themselves as the great green Santa of the 21st Century! I'm told magazine isn't filtered out by state controlled Google!

For a complete listing of Chinese companies importing LEDs into the US, go to Rock The Reactors.

Plasma Bulbs, Better than LEDs!!!

Silicon Valley's Luxim has developed a lightbulb the size of a Tic Tac that gives off as much light as a streetlight. CNET's Michael Kanellos talks to the company about its technology and its plans to expand into various markets.

LUXIM Corporation
1171 Borregas Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

They are already being used in Panasonic LiFi rear-projection HDTVs where they've replaced the usual halogen or xenon arc projector bulb.

Instead of a glowing hot filament or electrodes passing high voltage through xenon gas; it uses RF energy (basically the same as microwaves) to excite the gases inside the capsule. The gases heat up and give off light.

The technique is like microwave powered sulfur lamp. It uses electromagnetic induction at high frequencies rather than current flowing between electrodes stuck in the plasma.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

AL GORE: Green Energy by 2018

Notice how Gore always mentions the need to ween ourselves away from "oil and coal" but never mentions nuclear power... That's because he considers nuclear power part of what he calls renewables. Like French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Gore is a thinly veiled nuclear power salesman!

The solutions to the environmental crisis, the depletion of fish in the ocean, mass starvation... have simple solutions, like the re-legalization of hemp agriculture in America... Regional production of cellulose-based ethanol fuels... More efficient means of internal combustion with laser ignition systems... The introduction of high density, solid-state li-ion battery chemistries for solar and wind baseload storage.

Hybrids, hydrogen, nuclear power are no solutions, they're jumping from the frying pan, into the fire. Gore advocates solar and wind, while our military and its black labs are keeping energy conversion technology secrets for matter of national security.

10 years? Yes, if nano-technology, green technologies, hemp, a manhattan project towards genuine energy solutions, opening up the gates of Area 51, letting independent scientists through the door, and sharing what we need to get the job done!

Stop lying to the world about the state of human science!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

justice stress (official video)

Directed by Romain-Gavras

Design for Rising Sea Levels

by Kristina Hill and Jonathan Barnett

"As far as we can tell, most designers and planners aren’t thinking seriously about climate change in the U.S. unless they work closely with the insurance industry, which is dropping tens of thousands of East Coast customers and raising rates on the rest, in part as a result of climate predictions. Ecologists all over the world also know that it’s a very big deal. The World Bank knows. But building and landscape architects, engineers, and planners don’t seem to have connected the dots."

Open Mike
10th Anniversary Issue
Number 27, Fall 2007/Winter 2008

Read the article: HERE

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Terry & Kermit

Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses... How about Betcee May and Kermit romancing the stone together?

Read article at Fashion TV

Monday, June 16, 2008

FreeGlobalEnergy on YouTube

Stanley Meyer and many others. Always the same story. The Pentagon wants to see your idea and tell you how they would like to use your invention. You demonstrate your device proving to them that it works, then they block all of your efforts and end up killing you. The only way to get a free energy device out to the public is to foget about patents, distribute underground, sell it to EV enthusiests with the plans and encourage them to travel around and do as you are, you then have created a non interlinked underground distribution system that will spread to the general populous and it will spread like wild fire, it will be un-stoppable.

Help Stop The Suppression Of Inventions

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Thin Blue Sign

From the Clearwater short film competition:

Dark comedy about the evacuation bus plan for the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant ... One family waits for the bus while everyone else panics.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bobby Jr. on Media

Bobby, why don't you help us shut down Indian Point? Why is it only a "good issue" to you, when in fact, it's the lynch pin of the consolidation of power?

Monday, May 12, 2008

that's a revolution!

the word revolution has been so worn, it doesn't mean a thing anymore... everything from jeans to beans has been labeled revolutionary... destroying the meaning of the word.

a revolution is when everything changes, leaves little or nothing of the original, truly upsets the apple cart with very disruptive consequences.

it can happen peacefully, though rarely, more often than not, very bloody. powers that be know to squelsh revolutions by extinguishing its leaders at the crux of their influence on the masses.

Revolution are technological, but all technologies have their heroes, their icons, their media figures... before photography and tv screens, legends drew popular movement to cult figures. today they either make themselves, or are manufactured by the mad av. machine.

suddenly there is a new culture emerging, with its own set of celebrities... a new generation sensitized by decades of environmental devastations now only take into considerations those actors and performers who have proven themselves worthy of empathy.

there's a saying in hollywood today, if you don't drive an electric car, you just haven't arrived yet. you get hired for your talent as well as your green politics. all the sets are vegan. it's the new standard for the new elite, who wants to have its cake and eat it too... be rich, famous, and good to their planet.

this is truly revolutionary, for the conquering hordes rarely cared about the carnage their presence left in the wake of their climb to the top. but you don't get to be angelina jolie without having been there, and being one with her adoring public.

country music set the tone for this form of stardom, where the stars mingle with their fans at fairs, like punks got rid of the riser, dispelling the myth of rock stardom.

power is a strange force, like love, it creates charisma, it gives the ones we adore an aura, and with it the magic of persuasion. such individuals start revolutions, because they can't be denied, they can't be said no to, they lead armies.

this day and age of fake pedestals, where tv and news and scripted interviews can give common men the image of idols, the truly blessed among us, find it hard to be found.

this is how revolutions start, when the majority ignores the inspired because they can't see the visions they share. they find themselves, create community, safety in numbers makes way for comfort.

such a revolution is happening in america today. its leaders are surfacing in the arts, in science, in entertainment, few in politics, and they have all joined forces in the green movement, which is a scientific, engineering and spiritual movement.

it's military in nature, shares their motto: cheaper, lighter, faster, better... the root of fashion is fascism... fashion is lock step... it's as much industrial as it is a rebirth of agrarian society, much like pre-nazi germany.

hitler usurped the nature movement and perverted it, much like bush is doing, by throwing around buzz words like hydrogen and switch grass, about which he knows nothing about, just like his dad had no clue about the price of milk.

these are not people like you and i, they are silver spoon fed children at the tit of the rothchilds! a true revolution in this country can only be realized if we take down the houses of the federal bank reserve, which is what kennedy wanted to do, and probably why he died.

the kids of his progeny are afraid of their legacy... hide behind ted, to spare their lives... john john dared without the proper network to support his work, and plunged to his death in long island sound. which is why bobby is a coward.

revolution happens when the aristocrats see eye to eye and heart to heart with the peasants and the farmers in their kingdom, agree that the ruling class must either be swayed or be done away with if their culture is to survive.

we have reached this critical mass in the hudson valley, where the rockefellers, the hearsts and the kennedys are faced with a decision that stands to change the face of history, the shut down of indian point.

like the bastille, over the years, indian point has become a symbol of oppression, a bastion of wrongs, a target of terrorism. it has to go, but when it does, it could take down the entire kingdom of nuclear, drive a stake through the vampire, replaced with wind, solar and super efficient means of powering modern machines with trickle charges.

light emitting diodes hold the promise of reducing electrical consumption on the planet by as much as sixty percent. the need to spend billions to build a new generation of nuclear power plants has eclipsed in the wink of an eye... for a fraction of the cost, the simplicity of ultra efficient light bulbs, has disrupted the future of an entire culture, which for decades, generations have tried to undo, for the attrocious poison it spews.

the native americans, who now have the money and the lawyers to keep out the uranium prospectors, have united to prevent the nuclear renaissance, joined forced with anti-nuclear warriors, dusting off their old armor for one last battle on the bank of the hudson.

every revolution has its muse, its inspiration, which leaders of the rebellion will protect with their lives... for she represents everything they are fighting for. she bares the torch that lights the way.

the tv show birds of prey had for theme song start a revolution... the song became an anthem, had such power, the network feared its commercial release. if you google revolution, hundreds of myspace pages are dedicated to it. thousands of lonely souls desperately want it, because they won't aspire to the capitalist ideal of supremacy through wealth and power.

their values are different... their sense of self and belonging comes from a feeling of duty and grace, honor and service. sharing instead of taking. community instead of property. the ringing cedars of russia infiltrating the minds of millions, burning man, new urbanism, mass transport and victory gardens.

in a few days, a television channel is launching which aims to chronicle this revolution, and with it hordes of websites and blogs and green magazines, doing more with less, bringing calm to raging consumer madness. where old clothes are recycled into new ones by swap-o-ramas. where food is grown on rooftops. where cars run on grease. where jeans are made of hemp. where daylight returns to schools.

it's a massive movement. it's a religious movement. it's a revolution. blood is on our hands for the fuel we drive. how did we sink into another vietnam? it's the message of iron man, of war pigs, of magic beyond comprehension the lead players no longer deny.

it's a revolution because it's a course in miracles. the energy coursing through our veins, erupt into the world, visualize the future we want for our children. our intentions are good and noble. we need to win to make it happen.

winning needs a defining moment history can record as a turning point. manhattan had 9/11, transformed the planet into a police state. we've had our seven years of hell on this planet, time to lay down our weapons, unilateraly, show the veins in our neck, and ask for mercy.

we cannot allow the self fullfilling prophecy of mad fundamentalists to realise itself in the world, with israel, with pestilence, with the four horses. we must let it go. there is no christ, there is no anti-christ, there is just our life force, our sun, our bodies, our spirits.

we can no longer afford the trillions spent on violence, or every city on earth will collapse. it all stops here, and now, and forever. it's over. in the words of my parisian friend jim morrison, it's the end my friend.

we don't have much time. the battery is at mit, the bulbs are in china, the fuel is in sweet leaf, and excalibur is safe, will never be used, other than for joy rides and to prevent calamity.

other intelligences share this space with us, reveal themselves to those open to accept their presence. it's ok. you've read this, you know the nature of work has changed. the banks are dying, the militaries are dying, the wars are dying.

there's a current in the arts, in the songs, in the airwaves, a rush. that's a revolution, when you get goose pimples just thinking about the potential, knowing creating a new world can suddenly be as simple as rebuilding a town called greensburg.

revolution is all around us, the sum of its parts is showing us the bigger picture. it's not about fame and fortune leading a movement, there are too many of us to trample to the top. there is no more mountain.

when we were young, we were chosen, one by one, given a mission, each of us with a purpose, to restore the earth, save the planet... but from what people used to ask? from ourselves is the answer.

we can no longer afford the crimes of the blue meanies. we must wish them away this evening, so by tomorrow morning they will be but a bad memory. so the hammer you pick up, in honor of pete seeger, won't make indian point safer, it will put it out of its misery.

that's a revolution, when thousands, sing in unison, resist the temptation of lining their pockets at the expense of its people. thousands are needed for the solar industry, for the wind industry, to sell led door to door.

connecticut once known as the defense state, the home of ge and old man sikorsky, and too many less than yellow submarines, now long to produce tools to repair the harm done. they named a bridge in westport after a woman who led this vision.

paul newman has amends to make, to his hometown, for his blind eye. his restaurant lacks atmosphere because he lost the ability to see himself as a commoner. wouldn't honor the simple life.

it's time for a green party now. the word green and the word party go good together. you can't dissociate the politics from the technology, that's the mistake arnold makes. green technology comes from a need in our hearts, the seat of inspiration.

this needs wants us to respect life, all life. wants us to grow into responsible caretaker of this planet, in all respects, military and civilian. such cannot bloom in a country where 2 million are behind bars, most of them for wanting to alter their chemistry.

i once remember a little sticker, it said: "america is dead, get it through your head." red, white and blue and patriots, like paul kantner said: "We all want a one world government, we just don't want it run by a bunch of corporate fascists!" america is not a country, it's a mind set. for what america has done to this planet, it deserves proper burial.

don't give up your guns, don't let them implant chips into your arm, don't let them take away your ability to commune with the elements, to change the density of your spirit, to alter time and space. pending a miracle, we still need to fight, to restore the land, the air, and the seas.

but now we have television channel, which we will soon be able to catch in the palm of our hand, with men and women who have dedicated their lives to the quest for solutions that work, designers, thinkers, angels in disguise.

credit where credit is due to those who brought it about, who worked for years to sway the powers that be to allow it to happen. think about it, ge, a company once advocating a nuclear renaissance, infiltrated by the wetlands preserve, so neil young's son lionel train set, which already has its own melted down nuclear power plant, can now have an ecomagination hybrid locomotive.

that's a revolution, when its architects, tired and out of breath, just want to take a walk. how to avoid the void not be filled with demons in search of gold. that's the secret.

it's late. time is short. thirty years it took for carter's moral equivalent of war to green light the first earth battalion at west point. thirty years it took! think about it... the time we have wasted enriching the likes of david rockefeller!

he is old now, resisting the inevitable on his organic farm, where he allowed the slaughter of his own prized hog boris for sausage meat. the old fool. who wanted to wipe out half of mankind to continue burning oil.

these dynasties are at a crossroad, either shut down indian point, or face the dire consequences of a violent revolution in this country, on this planet. letting go their stronghold on electrical generation is their salvation, and they save the day.

exxonmobil who years ago had the opportunity with their universe of energy at disneyworld, and threw it all away. hippies were dirt back then. now treehuggers are alpha dogs. we get even.

that's a revolution!

The reason why...

Aimee, pick a standing target!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

EarthLED EvoLux

or How Rock The Reactors is going to shut down Indian Point!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Entergy at Go Green Expo

When I approached the Hilton for the NY Go Green Expo on Saturday, a line of pretty green and white pedicabs were lined up outside. I wasn't very happy when I read the small print. "New York Runs on Our Positive Energy", "", "Indian Point Energy Center Entergy, We're Right for New York". According to Remy, he called Bicytaxi Monday to find out what that was all about. They told him they got so much flack from other pedicab operators for endorsing Indian Point, they had to discontinue the ad campaign.

From: Allegra Dengler
via: [IPSEC1]

Riverkeeper's Junior Council

Olivia Zaleski by Alexei Gural

Thursday, March 6, 2008, The Hearst Tower, 300 West 57th Street, New York City, NY. Riverkeeper’s environmentally conscious Junior Council Members and fashion house TIBI (see: Hometown Hero: Tibi's Amy Smilovic) hosted an evening for the next generation of young leaders on Thursday, March 6th at 9pm. The event held at the spectacular Hearst Tower, the city’s first gold LEED certified building, featured cocktails and dancing set against breathtaking views of Manhattan. Founders and Co-chairs Amanda Hearst and Luigi Tadini, and Junior Council Members Annie Berkery, Dalia Oberlander, Gillian Hearst Simonds, Jamie Korey, Lisa Salzer, Marissa Bregman, Nick Raynes, Olivia Zaleski and Theresa Berkery organized this elegant black tie invitation-only event to promote awareness of Riverkeeper’s important work and raise funds to support it. Joining them in hosting the night’s festivities are a bevy of New York finest environmentalists, including: Andrew Black, Annie Churchill, Billy Gilbane, Bobby Kennedy III, Claire Bernard, Derek Blasberg, Edward Barsamian, Jackie Astier, Jamie Johnson, Julia Erdman, Lauren Bush, Margaret Betts, Martin Dawson, Peter Davis and Stella Keitel. Riverkeeper’s mission is to protect the ecological integrity of the Hudson River and its tributaries, and to safeguard the drinking water supply of New York City and the lower Hudson Valley. Riverkeeper believes in the rights of every citizen to enjoy and defend our nation's water resources. Since its founding over 40 years ago, Riverkeeper has investigated and brought to justice more than 400 environmental lawbreakers. Its work is currently focused on three major issues - protecting and restoring the Hudson River, safeguarding the NYC watersheds and replacing the Indian Point nuclear power plant with safe renewable energy. For the current generation of young environmentalists who call New York home, Riverkeeper is the perfect organization to support for local actions that protect New York’s vital water resources.

From: Manhattan Smugmug
(click to see pictures)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Go Green Expo, Discovery and GE

Eco-Couture Designer Maggie Norris and Actress Sissy Spacek

The New York Hilton was packed with hundreds of eco-chic dignitaries last night, affording the $500 a plate dinner prepared by famed TV chef Rachael Ray during the Go Green Expo Gala to benefit Riverkeeper and the Amazon Conservation Association.

Treehugger founder Graham Hill, vice president of Interactive Media for Planet Green, accepted an excellence in Environmental Awareness award on behalf David Zazlav, president and CEO of Discovery Communications.

Discovery is owned by NBC Universal Cable, which is 80 percent owned by General Electric. On June 4th, the Discovery Home channel will become Planet Green, a 24/7 environmental channel, available to 50 millions homes.

And there lies the irony… How can we possibly trust Riverkeeper to lead the fight to shut down Indian Point, the old leaky nuclear power plant on the Hudson river, when Riverkeeper is sleeping with the enemy? According the Nation, 59 percent of Treehugger readers are so desperate about climate change, they approve of nuclear power.

During the fashion show of Maggie Norris’s wonderful new eco-elegance collection, American’s Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker introduced a dozen conservationists walking down the runway. They were dressed the part, for the African bush, or neoprene diving suit, a couple branding machetes!

Yet, when it was Phillip Musegaas’s turn down the catwalk, the lawyer for Riverkeeper working on the Indian Point issue, he didn’t make much of an effort to celebrate the occasion. Phillip walked down the runway in his street clothes, not even holding a briefcase to look the part. Maybe it was last minute.

The audience cheered as Nigel Barker read Riverkeeper was stopping the relicensing of Indian Point. Nothing could be further from the truth. The work Riverkeeper has done to date hasn’t even made a dent in Entergy’s relicensing plans, because Riverkeeper is compromising at every turn, hording all the resources, and constantly dropping the ball.

Riverkeeper is receiving funds from the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, which also contributes to Exelon’s educational programs along with Indian Point poster boy Paul Newman! How can you possibly reconcile the two?

Alex Matthiessen of Riverkeeper, beneficiary for the evening, accepted an award from Go Green Expo. He spoke at length about issues facing the Hudson river as guests dug in their plates, conversations drowning out his speech. Alex mentioned Indian Point again, which got another rise out of the audience.

New Yorkers want to see Indian Point shut down… it’s a ticking time bomb. All this wonderful green work won’t amount to a hill of beans if something goes wrong at the plant. Are all the incidents worth the measly 2000 Mw of electrical power which could easily be replaced with a state funded door to door LED light bulb replacement program? Why hasn’t Riverkeeper embraced LEDs as an alternative to Indian Point, when Mayor Bloomberg is installing LEDs all over New York!

LEDs have been Rock The Reactors’s strategy ever since the organization came into existence in April of 2006, when model Betcee May posed in front of Indian Point, becoming the most downloaded model with nuclear power plant workers. Betcee is currently featured in GQ magazine this month licking Iron Man’s face! So what is Riverkeeper waiting for? What bigger cue does Riverkeeper need to understand the role the New York fashion community needs to play in the shut down of Indian Point?

Riverkeeper and Discovery had both Graham Hill and famous green super model Summer Rayne Oakes sitting at their table. And yet, the true architects of this fashion campaign to shut down Indian Point, Rock The Reactors and Green Nuclear Butterfly were not invited to the party.

Could it be because GE is stopping Chinese LED bulbs from being unloaded at the docks, claiming patent infringement? Could it be because shutting down Indian Point could spell an immediate end to GE’s plans for an all-nuclear Navy, something Congressman John Hall voted in favor?

John Hall and I made a deal prior to his election. We shook on it in front of witnesses. I would help his campaign by bringing Fairfield County attention to Indian Point. We did this when the Green Party endorsed Diane Farrell’s congressional bid against Chris Shays, in exchange for Diane’s support shutting down Indian Point. John Hall in turn, agreed that the day we shut down Indian Point, Betcee May would pull the plug, in a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Facts and figures will not shut down Indian Point. The time for debate is over. Either you want to see Betcee flip the switch, or you don’t. That’s the campaign, that’s Rock The Reactors. LEDs are where we get the replacement power, which is what the governor promised! We probably already made up for it with conservation by now, had Spitzer started the countdown clock the day he stepped into office.

How did the New York Post, a newspaper which supports the relicensing of Indian Point, agree to a 28 page center pull-out section for Planet Green and Go Green Expo? This writer is baffled by the hypocrisy of the situation. What kinds of unholy alliance could possibly be going on, that would make for the Go Green Expo gala to both, advocate the shut down of Indian Point, while at the same time be in business with companies perpetuating its operation. This same evening, another receptacle of the Go Green award was no other than Con Edison CEO Kevin Burke!

The Go Green Expo has created awfully strange dynamics, by finally bringing the fight to shut down Indian Point to the New York fashion community, but at the same time, bring it to them in care of the same people who want to keep the plant open! How much were the people in that room really aware of the dangers that loom only 25 miles North up river, the tireless networking, the years put in by volunteers… all to no avail.

To the audience at the Go Green ceremony, Indian Point was but a tiny fraction of the proceedings. “Good issue” to quote Robert Kennedy Jr. who was not in attendance that evening. In the room, many people working both side of the fence, trying to have their cake and eat it to, wanting a green future for New York and its surrounding communities, while at the same time continue to live in the shadow of another environmental disaster waiting to happen.

There is no compromise. You cannot promote a green life style, while at the same time stay idle, and do nothing, or make believe you are doing something, in regard to the presence of Indian Point on the Hudson.

Summer Rayne Oakes writes about the questionable sense for building new nuclear power plants on Treehugger, yet now she sits on the board of advisors of a GE owned company, Discovery's Planet Green, which defines nuclear power as renewable energy. Ms Oakes has been all too silent about what should concern her most, a nuclear power plant 25 miles from where she lives.

How is raising money for Riverkeeper, which stole the grassroots from groups like IPSEC, Clearwater, Rock The Reactors and Green Nuclear Butterfly, helping all those who did the heavy lifting with barely enough resources to get by. Does the Hudson river belong to the Rockefellers, the Hearsts, and the Kennedys? They feel Indian Point is their business, and win or lose, they don’t appreciate outsiders coming in telling them what to do or what to think.

Riverkeeper is the caretaker of the river. So as long as Alex Matthiessen at Riverkeeper keeps telling the public they’re trying to shut down Indian Point, we have it all under control, we’ll take care of it… nothing happens, and the plant will get its brand new license, go on operating for another 20 years, maybe 40 years, spewing radioactive waste in the air, the ground water… or God forbid, something worse.

It’s hard to celebrate the greening of New York at a Go Green Expo knowing it’s making deals with companies on both sides of this issue, giving awards to environmentalists working for good companies owned by bad companies… what possible future can these strange bedfellows bring, other than the self-perpetuating error of our ways, which has resulted in the near collapse of our biosphere.

Sure organic cotton and natural cosmetics are all the rage on 7th avenue. I should know, I helped bring it all about. But it’s not enough, that’s just fashion… fashion can save the world, if you let it. That’s what GE is terrified of, a world where emotion and doing the right thing threatens their bottom line. A world where an environmental nightclub, home away from home for Earth First! can give birth to an Eco-Saloon which in turn gives birth to Green Order, which developed the GE Ecomagination campaign.

In a few days, Planet Green launches, benefiting from the work of so many who have wished for such a channel on TV. There have been dozens of failed attempts over the years to bring a 24/7 environmental network into existence, millions squandered. The powers that be do not want it. Yet now, the powers that be seem to have embraced the green message, rich or poor we breathe the same air.

How can we possibly entrust those families who for over a century have caused and perpetuated environmental devastation only now to make entertainment out of it? How can we possibly entrust Planet Green to General Electric, when so much of their profits come from the sale of nuclear technology?

I wonder if Summer Rayne Oakes, Graham Hill, and all the good folks at Treehugger, think about this… ponder it… wonder how they are possibly going to be able to grow the message, grow the green revolution, while cradled in the hands of the nuclear dragon.

There might be a key to all this, and it might be traveling around in a green bio-diesel eco-salon spa bus on the streets of Los Angeles… a feature story about the Earth Liberation Front… ELLE magazine getting punked… and a little farm called Camp Hill, a few miles down wind from Indian Point.

To quote Annie Wilson, energy committee chair of the Sierra Club’s Atlantic chapter: “You can’t shut down Indian Point without shutting down the entire nuclear power industry. They have it rigged that way.”

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

Video for Arms & Legs "Let Go"

Video for "Let Go"

I saw and met singer songwriter Scott Daly in Danbury on Sunday at the Heirloom Arts Theatre Punk Rock Flea Market...Scott is from around Connecticut... but he was noticed by the Chinese record label Modern Sky Entertainment, Ltd. who flew him to Beijing. Now he's a rising star there... it's the weirdest thing... seems they are developing talent, to cross markets and doing an amazing job of it.

Mazeway Resynthesis

Rock The Reactors Girl Betcee May licks Iron Man's face in the May issue of GQ magazine.

Iron Man Tony Stark's Tesla Motors roadster...

Tesla Motors champion Governator Schwarzenegger paves the way for the North American Union!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yale Gathering of Governors

i fear this gathering of governors
especially with arnold there
is to cement
the nuclear renaissance
using global warming
as a pretext to build new nukes

how about instead
asking all connecticut military research labs
to reveal all their energy conversion engineering secrets!
how about telling the truth about the state of energy conversion technology
in the military
how far more advanced they are than we are
in the commercial sector.

but nobody wants to talk about the myriads of ways
there are in this universe to produce electricity...
top secret they tell you
and so now
we have a 300 trillion dollar shadow government
with hundreds of secret military bases
using the most exotic ways of producing energy...
but none of that technology can be used to save the planet?

why? to preserve the status quo?
the oil/coal/nuke economy?

that's the dirty little secret of connecticut
where every other job in the state
is defense related.
the engineers know.
the ones who have worked on all these secret projects
who signed a 70 year non-disclosure agreement.
under the national secrecy act.

you bring that up
you're a kook
strange, isn't?
while the earth is burning...
nobody talks about the elephant in the room.

their only solution to global warming
is nukes
that's it...
they are not willing or able to look any further.
solar, wind and other renewables
could do the trick
but at the rate of growth
would take 100 years to replace
the oil, coal, nuke infrastructure.
so they are going to rush new nukes into production
because they don't want to let their
military ace out of the hole!

and for that,
the planet could die.
that's why we called it
the tesla car!
to remind people
that over a century ago
an inventor
figured out the secrets
of infinite energy
from high voltage electricity...

we're not going down without a fight!
what they are doing at yale
on friday
is planetary suicide.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

it's april at the newsstand again...

not that i like to spend much time at cvs... the smell of chemicals makes me think of them washing into rivers... the uniformity of each magazine title and their mainstream appeal yearns for an international newsstand... i was there hunting for a tear sheet of my favorite model (if you need to ask... you haven't been paying attention) which i was assured would be in either glamour, instyle or glamour by the company's pr office.

every move i make motivated by the mission leads me to discover new horizons... i wouldn't have flipped through all these provincial pages otherwise... the march issue of marie-claire has an editorial lay-out shot at google campus showcasing their solar roof and electric cars... a road-trip through peru with christy turlington and her mom... solar cooker in burma and nepal.

another hearst title, april country living, has a 16 page green guide... and a quote from paulette cole, ceo at abc carpet & home: "i feel like green design is waking up. we are at a tipping point that integrates purpose and beauty. it's not beautiful if it's not heathy." i suspect the hearst daily green is influencing the entire building.

at conde nast march domino, which is green all but the paper, has an article on silda wall spitzer, the fallen governor's wife, greening the victorian executive mansion in albany... i wonder what will happen of the project. a mention of 100% recycled aluminum foil which i'd never seen.

marc alt had this to say: "LEDs which offer a warmer and more pleasant glow than fluorescents, are poised for an illumination takeover. the department of energy estimates that their widespread use could cut u.s. energy consumption 29 percent by 2025. plus they don't contain the mercury that's been an issue in the disposal of compact fluorescents."

sadly that message didn't carry over to april glamour's 24 page green guide, where compact fluorescents are still the poison of the day!

i never did find the ad i was looking for...

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Hell and High Water

According to Joseph Romm, we have ten years, at most, to start making sharp cuts to our greenhouse gas emissions, or we will face disastrous consequences. The good news, he writes, is that there is something we can do—but only if the leadership of the U.S. government acts immediately and asserts its influence on the rest of the world.

Hell and High Water is nothing less than a wake-up call to the country. It is a searing critique of American environmental and energy policy, and a passionate call to action by a writer with a unique command of the science and politics of climate change.

Joseph Romm is the founder and executive director of the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions and a fellow at the Center for American Progress. Under President Clinton he was acting assistant secretary at the Department of Energy, heading the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The author of the award-winning The Hype About Hydrogen, he holds a Ph.D. in physics from MIT and lives in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Light-emitting shirts!

Showcased at IFA 2006 in Berlin by Philips. Integrating LEDs into fabrics.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

Civilian Conservation Corps in Minnesota

Hard Work and a Good Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Minnesota
by Barbara W. Sommer (Amazon)
Minnesota Historical Society Press

The CCC supplied jobs to more than 77,000 Minnesotans during the Great Depression. Minnesota has always been a hotbed of revolution and the birth place of counter cultural movements in this country... call it magick, land of a 1000 lakes... the drinking water, or secret military mind control experiments... but Minnesota is the place... for the American Indian Movement... the Bakken Museum of Electricity in Life... the Utne Reader... Zippie the Pinhead getting elected and using the entire student budget to plant 1000 pink flamingos on the lawn and sink a life size replica of the Statue of Liberty in the lake!!! Quite a miraculous place if you ask me... Jaye Beldo has written about this strange phenomena in his own book, Stab In The Light. Lord knows what they'll end up doing next!

Green Pirate's LED Booty!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Anna Griffin's EcoBella

8064 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 653-2188

Ann Griffin
EcoBella magazine

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Open Letter to Ani DiFranco

Too many people are dying, too many people are in pain... Sometimes I think the radiation from all these TV stations and cell phones are raining on my brain, my hypersensivity victim to so much man-made electromagnetism pumping crappy pop songs I can't hear and don't want to feel in my mind.

I met you many years ago, very briefly... I remember you standing on that stage... playing your guitar... and all I could think about is Oh my God she sounds just like Michael Hedges... I was working at Wetlands, must have been 1990... or 91... I forget, it's so long ago... But I was a guy, 6 foot 4... geeky... driven by environmental activism... and you were a little girl driven by a sonic vision.

All these years I followed your career... I listened to all your albums... bought as many as I could, there's been so many, you put so much out there, you just pump magic into the air... Two years ago when I jumped on MySpace, you're one of the only two people I typed in who I really wanted to meet... again. But like your song said... I'm unrequired.

Few months ago, Susan Shapiro mentioned she'd met one of the founders of MUSE, and that there was talk of a concert to raise funds to shut down Indian Point. I sat down with this woman and one after the other, handed her little peices of paper where I scribbled my stream of consciousness, and on one of them, I wrote, let's have Ani DiFranco and Pete Seeger do a benefit together.

That's how you came to be in Nyack on the 18th... for no other reason than my love for you, your music, your ambitions, your desire to take the world by the horns and wrestle it till it fits your mood.

But you see, this woman, is not as she seems. She never mentioned my contribution to the folks at MUSE... she said this was ALL her idea... her inspiration... and when she resigned from the board of the organization I belonged to at the time, FUSE USA, she took the event with her, because she's rich, and she thought she could get away with it. Who has the gold makes the rules.

So on New Year's Eve, I sent her an email... it said: "happy new year, you f***en b*****, i hope you rot in ELLE and die" which she richly deserved. She took it to officer Ayers at the Orange Town police department who called me and said I couldn't do that. For me to hire a lawyer.

But you see she's a lawyer, and I hate lawyers, I hate everything about them.. everything they stand for. A hundred of them at the bottom of the ocean is a good start! This woman stole my opportunity to meet you again on an even keel... so we could look each other in the eye, and ask ourselves, how do we shut this monster down.

This is what this woman stole.

Update Jan 15:

Even though I apologized for sending the emails to the officer on the phone, seems she wanted to take it a step further. She's had town justice Richard G. Ramsay send me a notice to appear in court on January 22 in Orangeburg, NY. Appear before him to answer a charge of aggravated harassment in the second degree.

Update Jan 18:

I addition, she has also slapped me with a 500 feet restraining order, where none of my friends or colleagues can contact her. It's a wonder what it is she might want to hide that her and her family find such extreme measures against me necessary, a man who has never lifted his hand in anger at anybody... Perhaps it has something to do with this!