Friday, January 18, 2008

Civilian Conservation Corps in Minnesota

Hard Work and a Good Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Minnesota
by Barbara W. Sommer (Amazon)
Minnesota Historical Society Press

The CCC supplied jobs to more than 77,000 Minnesotans during the Great Depression. Minnesota has always been a hotbed of revolution and the birth place of counter cultural movements in this country... call it magick, land of a 1000 lakes... the drinking water, or secret military mind control experiments... but Minnesota is the place... for the American Indian Movement... the Bakken Museum of Electricity in Life... the Utne Reader... Zippie the Pinhead getting elected and using the entire student budget to plant 1000 pink flamingos on the lawn and sink a life size replica of the Statue of Liberty in the lake!!! Quite a miraculous place if you ask me... Jaye Beldo has written about this strange phenomena in his own book, Stab In The Light. Lord knows what they'll end up doing next!


R said...

The Minnesota Historical Society has an online story about the CCC at In particular, try out the interactive CCC footlocker at

For other revolutionary things Minnesotans have generated, visit the MN150 exhibit at the Minnesota History Center and online at the wiki,

Paula said...

I just read the CCC In Minnesota book. It's really fascinating, and not just for Minnesotans.