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Bobby Jr. on Media

Bobby, why don't you help us shut down Indian Point? Why is it only a "good issue" to you, when in fact, it's the lynch pin of the consolidation of power?

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that's a revolution!

the word revolution has been so worn, it doesn't mean a thing anymore... everything from jeans to beans has been labeled revolutionary... destroying the meaning of the word.

a revolution is when everything changes, leaves little or nothing of the original, truly upsets the apple cart with very disruptive consequences.

it can happen peacefully, though rarely, more often than not, very bloody. powers that be know to squelsh revolutions by extinguishing its leaders at the crux of their influence on the masses.

Revolution are technological, but all technologies have their heroes, their icons, their media figures... before photography and tv screens, legends drew popular movement to cult figures. today they either make themselves, or are manufactured by the mad av. machine.

suddenly there is a new culture emerging, with its own set of celebrities... a new generation sensitized by decades of environmental devastations now only take into considerations those actors and performers who have proven themselves worthy of empathy.

there's a saying in hollywood today, if you don't drive an electric car, you just haven't arrived yet. you get hired for your talent as well as your green politics. all the sets are vegan. it's the new standard for the new elite, who wants to have its cake and eat it too... be rich, famous, and good to their planet.

this is truly revolutionary, for the conquering hordes rarely cared about the carnage their presence left in the wake of their climb to the top. but you don't get to be angelina jolie without having been there, and being one with her adoring public.

country music set the tone for this form of stardom, where the stars mingle with their fans at fairs, like punks got rid of the riser, dispelling the myth of rock stardom.

power is a strange force, like love, it creates charisma, it gives the ones we adore an aura, and with it the magic of persuasion. such individuals start revolutions, because they can't be denied, they can't be said no to, they lead armies.

this day and age of fake pedestals, where tv and news and scripted interviews can give common men the image of idols, the truly blessed among us, find it hard to be found.

this is how revolutions start, when the majority ignores the inspired because they can't see the visions they share. they find themselves, create community, safety in numbers makes way for comfort.

such a revolution is happening in america today. its leaders are surfacing in the arts, in science, in entertainment, few in politics, and they have all joined forces in the green movement, which is a scientific, engineering and spiritual movement.

it's military in nature, shares their motto: cheaper, lighter, faster, better... the root of fashion is fascism... fashion is lock step... it's as much industrial as it is a rebirth of agrarian society, much like pre-nazi germany.

hitler usurped the nature movement and perverted it, much like bush is doing, by throwing around buzz words like hydrogen and switch grass, about which he knows nothing about, just like his dad had no clue about the price of milk.

these are not people like you and i, they are silver spoon fed children at the tit of the rothchilds! a true revolution in this country can only be realized if we take down the houses of the federal bank reserve, which is what kennedy wanted to do, and probably why he died.

the kids of his progeny are afraid of their legacy... hide behind ted, to spare their lives... john john dared without the proper network to support his work, and plunged to his death in long island sound. which is why bobby is a coward.

revolution happens when the aristocrats see eye to eye and heart to heart with the peasants and the farmers in their kingdom, agree that the ruling class must either be swayed or be done away with if their culture is to survive.

we have reached this critical mass in the hudson valley, where the rockefellers, the hearsts and the kennedys are faced with a decision that stands to change the face of history, the shut down of indian point.

like the bastille, over the years, indian point has become a symbol of oppression, a bastion of wrongs, a target of terrorism. it has to go, but when it does, it could take down the entire kingdom of nuclear, drive a stake through the vampire, replaced with wind, solar and super efficient means of powering modern machines with trickle charges.

light emitting diodes hold the promise of reducing electrical consumption on the planet by as much as sixty percent. the need to spend billions to build a new generation of nuclear power plants has eclipsed in the wink of an eye... for a fraction of the cost, the simplicity of ultra efficient light bulbs, has disrupted the future of an entire culture, which for decades, generations have tried to undo, for the attrocious poison it spews.

the native americans, who now have the money and the lawyers to keep out the uranium prospectors, have united to prevent the nuclear renaissance, joined forced with anti-nuclear warriors, dusting off their old armor for one last battle on the bank of the hudson.

every revolution has its muse, its inspiration, which leaders of the rebellion will protect with their lives... for she represents everything they are fighting for. she bares the torch that lights the way.

the tv show birds of prey had for theme song start a revolution... the song became an anthem, had such power, the network feared its commercial release. if you google revolution, hundreds of myspace pages are dedicated to it. thousands of lonely souls desperately want it, because they won't aspire to the capitalist ideal of supremacy through wealth and power.

their values are different... their sense of self and belonging comes from a feeling of duty and grace, honor and service. sharing instead of taking. community instead of property. the ringing cedars of russia infiltrating the minds of millions, burning man, new urbanism, mass transport and victory gardens.

in a few days, a television channel is launching which aims to chronicle this revolution, and with it hordes of websites and blogs and green magazines, doing more with less, bringing calm to raging consumer madness. where old clothes are recycled into new ones by swap-o-ramas. where food is grown on rooftops. where cars run on grease. where jeans are made of hemp. where daylight returns to schools.

it's a massive movement. it's a religious movement. it's a revolution. blood is on our hands for the fuel we drive. how did we sink into another vietnam? it's the message of iron man, of war pigs, of magic beyond comprehension the lead players no longer deny.

it's a revolution because it's a course in miracles. the energy coursing through our veins, erupt into the world, visualize the future we want for our children. our intentions are good and noble. we need to win to make it happen.

winning needs a defining moment history can record as a turning point. manhattan had 9/11, transformed the planet into a police state. we've had our seven years of hell on this planet, time to lay down our weapons, unilateraly, show the veins in our neck, and ask for mercy.

we cannot allow the self fullfilling prophecy of mad fundamentalists to realise itself in the world, with israel, with pestilence, with the four horses. we must let it go. there is no christ, there is no anti-christ, there is just our life force, our sun, our bodies, our spirits.

we can no longer afford the trillions spent on violence, or every city on earth will collapse. it all stops here, and now, and forever. it's over. in the words of my parisian friend jim morrison, it's the end my friend.

we don't have much time. the battery is at mit, the bulbs are in china, the fuel is in sweet leaf, and excalibur is safe, will never be used, other than for joy rides and to prevent calamity.

other intelligences share this space with us, reveal themselves to those open to accept their presence. it's ok. you've read this, you know the nature of work has changed. the banks are dying, the militaries are dying, the wars are dying.

there's a current in the arts, in the songs, in the airwaves, a rush. that's a revolution, when you get goose pimples just thinking about the potential, knowing creating a new world can suddenly be as simple as rebuilding a town called greensburg.

revolution is all around us, the sum of its parts is showing us the bigger picture. it's not about fame and fortune leading a movement, there are too many of us to trample to the top. there is no more mountain.

when we were young, we were chosen, one by one, given a mission, each of us with a purpose, to restore the earth, save the planet... but from what people used to ask? from ourselves is the answer.

we can no longer afford the crimes of the blue meanies. we must wish them away this evening, so by tomorrow morning they will be but a bad memory. so the hammer you pick up, in honor of pete seeger, won't make indian point safer, it will put it out of its misery.

that's a revolution, when thousands, sing in unison, resist the temptation of lining their pockets at the expense of its people. thousands are needed for the solar industry, for the wind industry, to sell led door to door.

connecticut once known as the defense state, the home of ge and old man sikorsky, and too many less than yellow submarines, now long to produce tools to repair the harm done. they named a bridge in westport after a woman who led this vision.

paul newman has amends to make, to his hometown, for his blind eye. his restaurant lacks atmosphere because he lost the ability to see himself as a commoner. wouldn't honor the simple life.

it's time for a green party now. the word green and the word party go good together. you can't dissociate the politics from the technology, that's the mistake arnold makes. green technology comes from a need in our hearts, the seat of inspiration.

this needs wants us to respect life, all life. wants us to grow into responsible caretaker of this planet, in all respects, military and civilian. such cannot bloom in a country where 2 million are behind bars, most of them for wanting to alter their chemistry.

i once remember a little sticker, it said: "america is dead, get it through your head." red, white and blue and patriots, like paul kantner said: "We all want a one world government, we just don't want it run by a bunch of corporate fascists!" america is not a country, it's a mind set. for what america has done to this planet, it deserves proper burial.

don't give up your guns, don't let them implant chips into your arm, don't let them take away your ability to commune with the elements, to change the density of your spirit, to alter time and space. pending a miracle, we still need to fight, to restore the land, the air, and the seas.

but now we have television channel, which we will soon be able to catch in the palm of our hand, with men and women who have dedicated their lives to the quest for solutions that work, designers, thinkers, angels in disguise.

credit where credit is due to those who brought it about, who worked for years to sway the powers that be to allow it to happen. think about it, ge, a company once advocating a nuclear renaissance, infiltrated by the wetlands preserve, so neil young's son lionel train set, which already has its own melted down nuclear power plant, can now have an ecomagination hybrid locomotive.

that's a revolution, when its architects, tired and out of breath, just want to take a walk. how to avoid the void not be filled with demons in search of gold. that's the secret.

it's late. time is short. thirty years it took for carter's moral equivalent of war to green light the first earth battalion at west point. thirty years it took! think about it... the time we have wasted enriching the likes of david rockefeller!

he is old now, resisting the inevitable on his organic farm, where he allowed the slaughter of his own prized hog boris for sausage meat. the old fool. who wanted to wipe out half of mankind to continue burning oil.

these dynasties are at a crossroad, either shut down indian point, or face the dire consequences of a violent revolution in this country, on this planet. letting go their stronghold on electrical generation is their salvation, and they save the day.

exxonmobil who years ago had the opportunity with their universe of energy at disneyworld, and threw it all away. hippies were dirt back then. now treehuggers are alpha dogs. we get even.

that's a revolution!

The reason why...

Aimee, pick a standing target!

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EarthLED EvoLux

or How Rock The Reactors is going to shut down Indian Point!