Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yale Gathering of Governors

i fear this gathering of governors
especially with arnold there
is to cement
the nuclear renaissance
using global warming
as a pretext to build new nukes

how about instead
asking all connecticut military research labs
to reveal all their energy conversion engineering secrets!
how about telling the truth about the state of energy conversion technology
in the military
how far more advanced they are than we are
in the commercial sector.

but nobody wants to talk about the myriads of ways
there are in this universe to produce electricity...
top secret they tell you
and so now
we have a 300 trillion dollar shadow government
with hundreds of secret military bases
using the most exotic ways of producing energy...
but none of that technology can be used to save the planet?

why? to preserve the status quo?
the oil/coal/nuke economy?

that's the dirty little secret of connecticut
where every other job in the state
is defense related.
the engineers know.
the ones who have worked on all these secret projects
who signed a 70 year non-disclosure agreement.
under the national secrecy act.

you bring that up
you're a kook
strange, isn't?
while the earth is burning...
nobody talks about the elephant in the room.

their only solution to global warming
is nukes
that's it...
they are not willing or able to look any further.
solar, wind and other renewables
could do the trick
but at the rate of growth
would take 100 years to replace
the oil, coal, nuke infrastructure.
so they are going to rush new nukes into production
because they don't want to let their
military ace out of the hole!

and for that,
the planet could die.
that's why we called it
the tesla car!
to remind people
that over a century ago
an inventor
figured out the secrets
of infinite energy
from high voltage electricity...

we're not going down without a fight!
what they are doing at yale
on friday
is planetary suicide.

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