Saturday, July 19, 2008

AL GORE: Green Energy by 2018

Notice how Gore always mentions the need to ween ourselves away from "oil and coal" but never mentions nuclear power... That's because he considers nuclear power part of what he calls renewables. Like French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Gore is a thinly veiled nuclear power salesman!

The solutions to the environmental crisis, the depletion of fish in the ocean, mass starvation... have simple solutions, like the re-legalization of hemp agriculture in America... Regional production of cellulose-based ethanol fuels... More efficient means of internal combustion with laser ignition systems... The introduction of high density, solid-state li-ion battery chemistries for solar and wind baseload storage.

Hybrids, hydrogen, nuclear power are no solutions, they're jumping from the frying pan, into the fire. Gore advocates solar and wind, while our military and its black labs are keeping energy conversion technology secrets for matter of national security.

10 years? Yes, if nano-technology, green technologies, hemp, a manhattan project towards genuine energy solutions, opening up the gates of Area 51, letting independent scientists through the door, and sharing what we need to get the job done!

Stop lying to the world about the state of human science!

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