Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Thin Blue Sign

From the Clearwater short film competition:

Dark comedy about the evacuation bus plan for the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant ... One family waits for the bus while everyone else panics.

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22a-rbZD.007 said...

Very interesting misrepresentation. I work at Indian Point, and live exactly one mile away from it. On the corner near the baseball field across from my front yard, is one of the silly blue evacuation signs. Nobody EVER waits for anything on that corner. All that happens on that corner, is dogs pee, when walked by owners, and teenagers pee, on Saturday nights about 1:30 AM, after drinking in the baseball field parking lot.

Nobody lives there, nobody goes there, and when a nuclear alert is sounded, nobody will be waiting there, for the bus which we all know will never come.

This of course, has nothing to do with safety (I feel very safe here), or with Indian Point (Indian Point did not make up the silly signs). It has to do with the looney incompetency of Westchester Government..... or should I say Westchester "Government".

Its a natural, that somebody else has noticed the stupid, useless Westchester County signs, put there by the stupid, useless, corrupt, incompetent Westchester "Government", and made a "Wry", .... "Telling" Lefto Flick out of it. Just get your incompetent Dodos straight.

Westchester County is the liar who put the signs there. Westchester County is the liar who is not sending a bus to pick you up at the sign..

Entergy's good people, who mostly live right here, are making sure their families, and your families are safe. Forever. 24-7-365. If or when Entergy sells, we will be somebody else's good people, still doing the same job. Our great grandfathers fought with Washington & Lafayette. We manned the Cold Spring Foundry. We still live in homes Washington ceded to us for meritorious service, 230 years ago.

Would we let anything happen?
(If you can't trust us, you have a moral health problem.)

Cute movie, though.
Just misleadingly erronious, and off base.

But... it must be nice to be in a "movement".