Saturday, March 22, 2008

it's april at the newsstand again...

not that i like to spend much time at cvs... the smell of chemicals makes me think of them washing into rivers... the uniformity of each magazine title and their mainstream appeal yearns for an international newsstand... i was there hunting for a tear sheet of my favorite model (if you need to ask... you haven't been paying attention) which i was assured would be in either glamour, instyle or glamour by the company's pr office.

every move i make motivated by the mission leads me to discover new horizons... i wouldn't have flipped through all these provincial pages otherwise... the march issue of marie-claire has an editorial lay-out shot at google campus showcasing their solar roof and electric cars... a road-trip through peru with christy turlington and her mom... solar cooker in burma and nepal.

another hearst title, april country living, has a 16 page green guide... and a quote from paulette cole, ceo at abc carpet & home: "i feel like green design is waking up. we are at a tipping point that integrates purpose and beauty. it's not beautiful if it's not heathy." i suspect the hearst daily green is influencing the entire building.

at conde nast march domino, which is green all but the paper, has an article on silda wall spitzer, the fallen governor's wife, greening the victorian executive mansion in albany... i wonder what will happen of the project. a mention of 100% recycled aluminum foil which i'd never seen.

marc alt had this to say: "LEDs which offer a warmer and more pleasant glow than fluorescents, are poised for an illumination takeover. the department of energy estimates that their widespread use could cut u.s. energy consumption 29 percent by 2025. plus they don't contain the mercury that's been an issue in the disposal of compact fluorescents."

sadly that message didn't carry over to april glamour's 24 page green guide, where compact fluorescents are still the poison of the day!

i never did find the ad i was looking for...