Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 New Year's Eve Resolutions

It's no big secret this year has been extremely hard for me. I'm not the same person anymore. I came down with tinnitus and the constant ringing in the middle of my brain is driving me insane, made all the more worse by the slightest amount of stress or ill-health. I can't think, I can't function, I've lost my ability to love all things the way I used to... I've become increasingly more judgemental and precious with my time. I used to suffer fools lightly, now not at all. I've turned from a relatively go lucky, brush it off, get back up on my feet swinging kinda guy, to being perpetually exhausted and depressed, and this just at a time in my life when finally, after all these years, I have a little bit of money to start my own business, something to call my own, without having to invest all my energy, time, inspiration and ideas into someone else's career goals just to keep my own head above water.

It's no fun trying to be a host or a master of ceremony when your pain threshold is so low, you feel like screaming most of the time. And the fact I'm at the The Aquarium every chance I get, lifting heavy things, crouching up and down, crawling around, getting the place ready, nobody really there to help me with the physical aspects of this project, making my situation worse, doesn't help things much either.

This year's been one step forward, two steps back... everybody cheering at the prospect of Obama, green jobs, etc... but they don't see it's just going to be more of the same unless there's major systemic changes, changes which don't come, because it's the same people in charge. They don't see green as a movement, they see it as a personal career oppportunity. Just another gimmick to latch onto. So when you propose strategy to bring the whole movement to another level, they pat you on the back, say you're doing a great job, and go off for a week to an all expense paid trip to the latest trendy eco-spa.

Meantime the planet isn't getting any better. Sure we got what we wanted, a green fashion industry, a green cosmetic industry... an organic food industry, an alternative energy industry... but when you look really closely, all of it is just in its infancy. The media talks about it a lot because it makes good copy, and celebrities get good tracking from it. But in the pie chart, it clocks at 3 or 4 percent, hardly enough to make a dent. Unless everything changes, nothing is going to change... the planet won't even notice.

We launched a green TV channel this year, Planet Green, except Discovery, in its grand corporate wisdom, paranoia and selfishness, left all the key elements (and players) involved with the green media revolution, at the gates begging for bread crumbs. They created a channel for people who don't watch TV, squandered their best assets... and caved in to Martha's Green Emeril, which looks and feels like a half hour Whole Foods infomercial. Take a cue from Olivia Munn, who with her brazen support of marijuana legalization, has more balls and comic genius than any of the Planet Green executives, and she's a lot hotter!

The best save the planet shows are still on the Science Channel, like Eco-Tech and Ecopolis, and if Discovery wasn't so lame at cross-fertilization, they'd get the Military channel involved. That's really the crux of the problem, right there. Without the military, the green movement has diddly squat! Because no matter how green we try to make this planet, war, hate will come along and trash every garden we try to plant.

So here's my top ten list of things to do to save the planet in 2009. You'll notice it doesn't read like what you'll find on Treehugger or any of the other so-called green blogs out there, that's because they see the world through the wrong end of the looking glass, young people who have never learned how to huddle and strategize. They can't find the Achille's Heel because they're not even looking for it. They think it's all going to be OK because they're working towards a better future. But it doesn't work that way, that's what gives us Hitler, Mao and Stalin, blind faith in the system.

There are key elements as to why the planet is in such dire straight, and global warming isn't on my top ten list. A degree here or there, melting ice caps and glaciers, that's just prepardness... moveable cities. You don't try to stop it, that's like the war on drugs, it's useless, and damaging to countries, entire cultures. Bob Geldof pretty much summed it up when he referred to solar and wind as Mickey Mouse. But he's a dork and he said it to favor nuclear power, that's because he's too uneducated to know where the real limitations and potentials are. This from a man who starred as the hero in Pink Floyd's The Wall. I guess he took "We don't need no education" literally! Freakin' moron, look at Africa today, worse than it's ever been, for just a few stupid reasons, not the least of which is the US controlled ban on industrial hemp!

You want to save the planet? I mean you really want to get to the root cause of the problem and yank out the disease? Follow-me, except I don't guarantee you'll survive it, because they kill people who know what I know, they get rid of them, sweep them under the carpet, so they can watch their precious Earth choke on their own excrement, justifying the trillions they spent on digging underground bases!

1 - Break the lock on MIT's licensing office suppression of solid state high density lithium ion battery chemistry. It's the one hurdle left standing in the way of long range electric cars and baseload power for solar and wind.

2 - Break the lock on GE's aerogel patent hording. Aerogel is known to produce the best substrate for batteries, capacitors, and a multitude of other energy saving applications. Aerogel is made from protein isolate. See number 6.

3 - Save the Tesla Motors company from itself, by forcing them to embrace the culture of their name sake, Nikola Tesla, stop preventing the best electric vehicle engineers in the world, all the National Electric Drag Racing Association team members, from participating in the evolution of their design! The Tesla is a great car, in spite of itself, but the folks who own and run the company are their own worse enemy... only focusing on marketing to the super wealthy, forgetting it's the "people" who are going to give their roadster its myth and legend.

4 - Pressure the US military, the Pentagon, the black budget and the Shadow Government to go public with their arsenal of UFOs, allowing the people of Earth to use suppressed energy physics to replace and retrofit the entire oil, coal and nuclear infrastructure this evil leadership kept in place to benefit the families of the Federal Bank Reserve. Don't trust anyone with the last name Rockefeller or Rothchild, or graduated Skull & Bones from Yale, because all they care about is the preservation of their dynasties. They are the evil killing this Earth!

5 - End nuclear power, now, at least in its present form, the most abject and dirtiest way to boil water. Someone once told me that to shut down Indian Point, you had to shut down the entire nuclear power industry, that "they", whoever "they" is, had it rigged that way. If there's one environmental battle this decade, it's the fight to shut down Indian Point, a cancer causing monstrosity, made all the more vile by 9/11 and Homeland Security. All these Union workers should be ashamed of themselves!

6 - Legalize industrial hemp, for fuel, for fiber, for protein isolate, for aerogel. Monsanto GMO corn is killing agriculture. Legal hemp will restore the land, feed billions, again, the same cabal of financiers keeping hemp illegal, are promoting nuclear power as the solution to everything. These are evil men.

7 - Demand Sandia Lab make public domain the engineering behind ethanol laser ignition systems which they developed in the late 70's and kept under lock and key ever since, because it provides 100% combustion inside an internal combustion engine, making petroleum products obsolete!

8 - Put pressure on modeling agencies to create green model divisions, because many girls are tired of selling crap to the masses, and need to take a shower from all the dirty money they're making. What Lola Wants, Lola Gets... Love and Desire makes the world go round.

9 - Put pressure on the large magazine publishers to stop paying lip service to the green revolution, by printing all their titles on recycled stock so we don't have to clear cut Siberia so Anna Wintour can keep her job! Wake up Hachette, since 2001 's been knocking at your door!

10 - Pray to God the aliens keep saving our bacon, which they've already done time and time again, and forgive the pathetic remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Anyway guys, have a happy... Mine will be miserable.