Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I met Bill McKibben last Sunday, at the annual meeting of the Connecticut Fund for the Environment... listening to him, it dawned on me... we're way beyond the threshold point... green design is too little too late... it's time to mobilize for survival... the Winafish blog will collect the technologies required to build moveable cities for the millions of people who are going to be displaced by the rising waters.

I'm on the board of directors of FUSE USA. But I aim to focus my Indian Point efforts on Rock The Reactors, developing concerts and events for any individual or organization interested in building a grassroots movement to sway elected officials, the NRC and Entergy that the time for old nuclear reactors in close proximity to densely populated areas has come and gone.

As the sea level rise from the melting of polar ice on land mass, all the nuclear reactors in the world at water's edge will become vulnerable to flooding and critical failure. This is why so few "bright green" environmentalists dare speak about nuclear power... To quote Bill: "If I had to choose between a coal plant and a nuclear plant, I'd choose a nuclear plant. If I had to choose between spending $3 Billion to build a new nuclear power plant and putting the money into solar and wind, I'd choose solar and wind."

But this is a partial answer, because I realized he'd seen the data. The powers that be, from Bill McKibben, to Al Gore, to Bill McDonough, to David Rockefeller... all realize that as the water's rise, all the nuclear power plants on the planet will become inoperable, just like the two Entergy nuclear power plants that were flooded by Katrina and required a $300 million dollar HUD bail out. Remember it takes 5 to 10 years after a reactor has been shut down before it has cooled enough to be safely decommissioned. We don't have time to wait, or the oceans are doomed to become a radioactive wasteland.

The leaders of this world are suppressing this analysis from you, they are simply trying to avoid wide spread panic. This is why there are now hundreds of concentration camps built around the USA... to control the dramatic effect Martial Law will have on this country once millions of Americans have to evacuate to higher ground from Florida, all other coastal towns. Bill just mentioned Bangla Desh, but who is he kidding? You know darn well all the White House cares about is Palm Beach, Hilton Head, the Hamptons and Malibu!

Many of these people with beach front homes are extremely wealthy, and are already starting to relocate in and around the Denver, Colorado area, around the Mile High City. I learned last year that Bill Gates is planning a large week long environmental conference in Denver and Boulder. Major corporations are now opening up new offices in Denver in expectation of the exodus. It may be the underlying agenda of the EarthWorks conference.

Since 1992, after I left Wetlands, I revived an old project of mine for a traveling laser show called Big Igloo. For years I have been researching the best possible technology to quickly erect and collapse a structure that would enable me to take an interactive laser show on the road, from town to town, park to park, mall to mall, pitching tent and pulling stakes in record time.

Little did I know that this study would suddenly integrate itself with the engineering knowledge necessary to create moveable cities that would enable massive movements of population from surviving the climate change calamity that is about the come on us. So this blog will be about collecting the information necessary to begin the construction of new nomadic intentional communities, in the Burning Man model.

Already blogs like Inhabitat and Tree Hugger have collected quite a bit of information on emergency structures. The mission of Winafish's Rem Alert will be cross-pollinate with military, FEMA, emergency services, Red Cross, with all those of us who want to remain free men, so this country doesn't fall into the hands of Wackenhut and Blackwater! Only if we start preparing now will we be able to preserve the freedoms this country enjoys in a time of evacuation emergency.

It will be Mad Max, but worse, because it will be real... Millions of people will crowd on each other as homes are destroyed, families and friends will no longer handle the burden of displaced relatives, new cities will have to go up in a matter of months, weeks perhaps. This is what the work Big Igloo has done in the last few years can help with.

Our Big Igloo list serv is comprised of some of the top engineers and thinkers in the field, who have been debating and sharing information about these issues for years. We've all been close friends and colleagues, dreaming of a traveling laser show, and now I ask that we start lending the information we have accumulated to formulate a pre-emptive strategy to avoid a planetary trajedy.

Yes, I know, Remy thinks he's Noah... and yeah, so? I'm suddenly saying, writing, what everyone's been quietly thinking... but dared not share out loud. We've all seen the pictures, we've all done the math... as Greenland melts, the seas rise... it's simple Newtonian physics... someone has to step up to the plate. It just turns out the Big Igloo team is the best qualified to take on the task.

I'm asking all my friends, and all the people I have worked with over the years, to please forgive me my inconsistencies, my temper tantrums, my poverty... I need you all back for this, my heart is crying out. The focus of our lives needs to change... We've designed the green world, brought about green consumer culture, revived the anti-nuclear movement... now it's time to bring it all together into a singular voice, a singular vision.

14.000 years ago, a similar thing happened. In Florida, there are underwater caves 200 feet deep with stalactites and stalagmites. All over the world, there are temples and stone structures off the coast of India, Cuba, Egypt... everywhere, well documented in Underworld by Graham Hancock. The sea rose 200 feet... practically overnight.

I want to thank Bill McKibben for his inspiration... I frankly didn't expect to like him... I'd read his books and I found them to be shallow, exploitative of the green scene... I didn't understand the human dimension of the man. I didn't understand that what he was doing is writing for the mainstream... he brought up the rear... shamed the elitist in me... woke up middle America.

Thanks Bill.

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allyn said...

Mi Casa Su Casa! I live at 8,200 ft.! I told you about the book Zen of Stars. This is exactly what he is saying. We just have to stay in our center. Most people won't believe this until it happens.
I need some info about the Plum Island experiments.