Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Going, Going... Gone!

So Al, what happens next? A head long rush into new nukes and assured radioactive contamination of the whole earth for all future generations, or massive investments in nano-solar technologies... better batteries... light-emitting diodes... proper investigation of every energy conversion claims... military technology transfers... Manhattan Project-like global mobilization for survival to unearth energy secrets buried by the National Secrecy Act of 1947?

Are you up to the challenge, peel back the veil of the Shadow Government, lift the velvet curtain so humanity will stand a chance of survival? Or at the secrets too deep to raise... afraid of captains of industry up for environmental crimes against humanity for suppression of ecological solutions, to benefit the ever growing profit margin of the oil, coal and nuke cartels?

Listen to your friend Shirley MacLaine... she "knows"!

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