Friday, October 19, 2007

Angela Lindvall & the Ocean...

Nano particles in cosmetics is a silly, dangerous idea... for sure... yet nanotechnology in solar cells and battery chemistry could save our collective bacon. Scientific breakthroughs are always a double edge sword.
Angela's non-profit organization is a wonderful thing... The Collage Foundation... go check it out... they're helping Camp Hill Farm in Pomona, NY which is just a few miles away from the Indian Point nuclear power plant we're all trying to mothball. They grow a wide variety of organic heirloom tomatoes.
Angela is a host for Our Planet on MySpace where she takes a look at the state of the ocean and what we all should be doing about it. She also talks about her plans for her own natural cosmetics line in this interview.
Angela has a huge fan in Hong Kong in the person of Stankens, who hosts a beautiful website dedicated to her fashion work... She is and will forever remain the greatest cat walker who ever graced the runways... Nobody can put her foot down like she can.
Stankens's web homage is still under construction, plans to chronicle her environmental activism.

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