Sunday, October 21, 2007

Is Blue the new Green?

That's the question the new November "Blue issue" of Women's Health magazine is asking this month. On October 24th their website will go "blue" through December 6th. The articles are edited by brother and sister Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau... yet the question remains for Winafish, can we save the oceans, if we don't handle the nuke problem, and the waste that will flow into the sea as coastlines are eaten up by rising tides?

The debate is going to rage on until the evidence is overwhelming, impossible to deny. Isn't always the way, that when you're finally ready to tackle one problem, another comes biting you in the rear?

This said, there's a good blurb about the Dee-Luxe Car Wash, claims automated car washes use up to 100 gallons less per vehicle, and most recycle rinse water too. Put away the garden hose and sponge, and head to the car wash, with pumps and high-pressure nozzles.

I don't know... one bucket of water always did the trick for me, and a quick spray... I don't understand how the average American uses 100 gallons a day? Every drop counts in LA.

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