Friday, November 09, 2007

When All Hell Breaks Loose

I wrote ELLE on Earth... still looking for a publisher... nobody has the balls to print it... So I'm happy to see other writers mention hell in their title... Cody Lundin should have called it When All ELLE Breaks Loose!

Lots of goofy cartoons by Russell Miller in this book, which is why I like it so much... survivalism with a sense of humor... run for the hills, but giggle all the way.

The technologies and the tools we need to develop to survive in cases of emergency, like rapidly rising sea levels, are the same as the ones we need to green this planet... they go hand in hand, they are not mutually exclusive as some would like us to beleive.

Cody Lundin has consulted for National Geographic which is gearing up a big green campaign. The old lady finally woke up, that this precious jewel they've been chronicling for a century needs to be cared for, not just touristed to death.

Soon, at the rate we're going, with people running right and left wondering how they're going to survive, feed themselves, find shelter, books like this one, if the knowledge it contains gets absorbed by enough young people, may end up saving your bacon.

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