Saturday, November 03, 2007

1000's of nuclear powered boats into the sea!!!

There's depressing news this afternoon on Green Nuclear Butterfly, all your Congressmen and Senators have voted for an ALL NUCLEAR NAVY, including Congressman John Hall, supporter of NUKE FREE. This means that as these ship get old, sink, accidentally or in the heat of battle, the seven seas are going to become a nuclear waste dump.

You know the old saying, "I love humanity, it's people I can't stand!" or was that the other way around? Either way folks, we're royally screwed. I was a foolish, idealistic young man, who turned into an old environmentalist fool, who thought he could wake up humanity, to realize the insanity, the billions wasted on these calamities... and now this, our anti-nuclear Congressman, who Bonnie Raitt helped get elected... supports an all nuclear Navy.
Below is a taste of the dozens of new nuclear powered models the $440 Billion Dollars (plus) Pentagon budget will afford us, not counting the radioactive clean-up bill the 7th Generation will be paying.

Green is the new Black? Black as in funeral... We need Black Sabbath folks, they're the only ones, the only popular culture working class heroes who can save the day... War Pigs remember? Well, where are they? The agging hippies at MUSE-redux NUKE FREE don't have the balls to stand up to the military... Bono and his RED campaign is great, but it's not making a dent! If Bono really wants to save the planet, we needs OZZY!

Without metal... we're lost... Metal brought down the Berlin Wall... Blowback shut down the Headbanger's Ball! We need metal again to tear down this culture of death that's driving our planet to oblivion... Screw the conservatives, screw the Fundamentalist Right Wing... you want to survive? You want a blade of grass under your feet to grow old? You will have to fight for that right... because the bio-droids are in control, and we allowed them there... America has the leadership it deserves.

The Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers (or Ford-class) will be the next generation supercarrier for the United States Navy. Before its redesignation as the Ford-class (CVN-78), this new class of carriers was known as the CVNX carrier program and then as the CVN-21 carrier program.

Carriers of the Ford class will incorporate many new design features including a new nuclear reactor design (the A1B reactor), stealthier features to help reduce radar profile, electromagnetic catapults, advanced arresting gear, and reduced crewing requirements.
The U.S. Navy believes that with the addition of the most modern equipment and extensive use of automation they will be able to reduce the total cost of future aircraft carriers. If the Navy can reduce the cost of constructing and maintaining an aircraft carrier, they will overcome the biggest complaint received in the U.S. Congress — that of funding.

The first hull of the CVN-21 line will be Gerald R. Ford. The CVN-21 uses the basic hull design of the preceding Nimitz-class.

Construction began on components of CVN-21 in the spring of 2007, and is planned to finish in 2015. It will be constructed at Northrop Grumman Newport News (formerly Newport News Shipbuilding), the only shipyard in the country capable of building and refueling nuclear powered aircraft carriers. It is estimated to cost at least $13 billion including the $5 billion spent on R&D and is not representative of the cost of future members of the class.

A total of three carriers have been authorized for construction, but if the Nimitz class and Enterprise were to be replaced on a one-for-one basis, eleven carriers would be required over the life of the program.

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