Thursday, November 01, 2007

Iceberg Light Art by Gerry Hofstetter

(Excerpted from Tripping The Light Fantastic)

The 44-year-old illusionist from Zurich is a master of transformation. After 12 years working his way up through the ranks of an investment bank, he felt in need of a career change and left to become a helicopter pilot.

Hofstetter loves the idea of being able to reinvent well-known monuments, buildings and landscapes in people's minds, using his huge 6,000-watt projectors and slides to transform them into temporary art sculptures.

In 2003 he travelled to Antarctica as part of the United Nations International Year of Freshwater to throw light on the issue of icebergs and global warming. His images of polar bears on melting ice caps subsequently circled the globe.

"My major expedition next year is to Greenland to project some penguins in a place with the highest number of collapsing icebergs in the world."

Gerry Hofstetter, Lichtk√ľnstler
c/o Hofstetter Marketing,
Schwäntenmos 9
8126 Zumikon-Switzerland
Tel +41 (0)44 918 72 27
Fax +41 (0)44 918 72 28

Read about Gerry's nuclear power plant projections on Green Nuclear Butterly.

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Interfaith Power and Light said...

The bear-able lightness of being. . .

I'm about to see his work at the National Cathedral this next week. Just googled images to familiarize myself with his work.