Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oak Ridge Implicated in Global Warming Disaster

(Poster from Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Collection)


By Jim Phelps

Oak Ridge discovered that global warming was controlled by the UV equations effects on the health of plankton in the ocean. These plankton determine the CO-2 levels in the atmosphere because they are the dominant CO-2 sink and they determine the cloud coverage of the planet by releases of dimethylsulfide (CH3SCH3, DMS). DMS comes from the plankton and is part of the global sulfur cycle that supplies sulfur into the food chain. When the DMS levels are impaired the cloud seeding effects are reduced and the planet heats up because of lack of reflection of heat. The DMS levels also determine the health of the entire planet due to the sulfur needs of the immune system glutathione enzyme.

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